Friday, July 25, 2008

Top 5 Cross Country Travel Movies

5) The Straight Story - David Lynch, old guy spittin wisdom, and a tractor.

4) Almost Famous - It's a coming of age story that makes you tap your foot.

3) Plains, Trains and Automobiles - Classic comedy that everyone should see once.

4) Bonnie and Clyde -People that run from the law and rob banks. Stick around to the end.

1) Stand by Me - No film is better at looking at adolescent friendship while looking for a dead body. What the heck is goofy?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Top 5 List of Lists

We will keep this quick and easy.

5. Grocery List - you need to be prepared when you go shopping.

4. Hit List - great convention for movies. not so good in real life.

3. Craigslist - a great community to find anything from jobs to tickets.

2. Ranking List - everything needs to be ranked so you know it's importance.

1. Pros vs. Cons List - from dating to choosing jobs almost anything in life can be surmised using this convention.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Top 5 Hero and Villain Duel

Well "The Dark Knight" is here and in honor of this new installment of Batman we will find the best cinematic hero and villain combo.

5. Indiana Jones vs. Nazis - I know Nazis are a collective group but they have played such a good "bad guy" in so many films. They were at their best/worst when paired at odds with every ones favorite archaeologist. Indiana Jones is for sure a flawed hero but that is why he is great character. He has problems with every relationship in his life from his many loves, his father, friends, son and that's not to mention the enemies. See: Raiders and Last Crusade.

4. Clarice Starling vs. Hannibal Lecter - This is a sortied affair to put it lightly. Hannibal Lecter is cold calculating and, though behind glass, feels omnipresent. Clarice Starling is driven and intelligent. These two together battling wits is better then most on screen sword fights. If you have not already, see: Silence of the Lambs.

3. Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader - I know Luke wouldn't make my heroes top 10 but when paired against Darth Vader this is a hard combo to ignore. The dynamic between them, considering what is at stake through out the trilogy, is nothing short of epic. See: Empire Strikes Back.

2. George Bailey vs. Mr. Potter - There are no guns, no explosions, and it is a great film with great tension. A man who wants to take over a town, at any cost. Only George Bailey stands in his way. Burdened by obligation throughout his life George always does the right thing and that alone in itself is heroic. See: It's a Wonderful Life.

1. Batman vs. Joker - They are both just men and that is why they are so appealing to a wide audience. One may say they are both sides of one man. They are the yin to the others yang. Both are at some level disturbed but that is why they compliment each other so well. No other pair work as well together. Period. See: Batman, The Dark Knight.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Top Five James Bond Movies

This my be a bit polarizing but it needs to be done. In honor of the new Bond film in November we will start it off with the top five of the man with the martini.

5. Casino Royale (2006) - A great restart of the franchise. They got back to some credibility with going back to (some what) reality. No lasers, no CGI para sailing in the arctic circle, just old school action and a solid story.

4. Octopussy (1983) - Nothing but Bond and campy fun. Oh, and that banister.

3. Goldfinger (1964) - Connery, Bond cool. It has lasers, but 60's lasers are cool and every man was squirming as it crept up to our hero as he was strapped in certain doom.

2. From Russia With Love (1963) - The big red scare in the 60's. One of the best stories from the series.

1. On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969) - One of the longest of the Bond films but also one of the most serious. They do have some fun but it has a darker tone not reached again until Casino Royale (2006).

Top 5 Baseball Movies

It is the time for the all star break for baseball. In honor of this time tested tradition, I give you the top five baseball movies.

5. Major League - This well worn baseball film may have lost it's luster (and bite) due to it's run on basic cable. Go back and watch it on DVD un-edited and remember how damn funny this move was.

4. The Natural - A classic. From it's mythic story to it's timeless score everything about this film works.

3. Fever Pitch - A love story that revolves around the Red Sox season. So good couples will watch it together, and both like it.

2. Field of Dreams - Your not crazy, your in Iowa. The most magical film with a corn field and a timeless story of nostalgia and family relations.

1. Bull Durham - The best film about the game. The passion, the art, the hope, the hardships, the relationships...and no one seems to know what to get Millie or Jimmy for their wedding.

There you go. Tell me why I'm wrong (or right). The top two Kevin Costner thing just happend. Sorry.

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